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About Us

Our mission is to provide always great service, perfect cleanliness, superb breakfast, and overall a unique experience for all our guests, as we believe that is the way it should be! 



Welcome to our happy home

Our beautiful place is situated by the canal, only 15 minutes ride from the historical centre of Amsterdam, in the lovely town of Landsmeer. If you are planning a trip to Amsterdam and would like to stay in a quietly located, immaculately clean B&B, please consider being our guest. The public transport runs every 15 minutes to and from Amsterdam up until midnight (all night on weekends).  Also, with our rental bikes, the centre of Amsterdam is reached in only 20 minutes. We provide you with maps and brochures, tell you about the city, the surroundings and help plan your days. With an advance reservation, we'll offer taxi services to and from central station or airport. In case you're arriving by car, there is a free parking space available.


Within walking distance, we have excellent restaurants,  bakeries, cafes, and supermarkets.  Also, in the vicinity,  locates beautiful nature reserve and recreation park, Het Twiske, which represent Waterland at its best. Het Twiske has perfect conditions for a bicycling and hiking, setting picnic in waterfront, marvelling the life of diverse birds, or on a sunny day, you can relax one of its several sandy beaches and have a refreshing swim in the lake.


Furthermore, within biking distance, you can discover famous Zaanse Schans windmills, or visit in the lovely little cheese-town of Edam, and indulge yourself with fresh seafood in the fisherman village of Volendam, where you can continue by short ferry ride into the remarkable island of Marken.  


The Hosts

We are a married couple, Vili and Kate. Kate has experienced as being a school teacher, working in a plant tissue culture -field, helping with various engineering projects in the university, but also, she has had many jobs in the hotel and tourism industry. Vili, in turn, has made a career as a software specialist designing information services for hospitals, he is also an EMBA graduate. 


Followed by our mutual dream, at the end of 2018, we decided to jump into the opportunity and set off operating our dear friend’s, retiring Ms Colette’s beautiful award-winning B&B. We’re always grateful to her and her family for realising our dreams and opening a new exciting chapter in our life.


Travelling is our passion. Seeing new places around the world, exploring different cultures, and always keeping the mind open for learning new things, is something that inspires us. We both love photography. It feels like there is an entirely new world to explore through the camera lens. We love a turquoise ocean, high mountains, and tropical forests. On the other hand, we enjoy cities full of energy and life. From all the cities where we ever visited the world, Amsterdam is our definite favourite. The city always feels so lively, exciting and creative, and at the same time, It’s easy-going, charming and delightful. And every season is different, and there is always something to see. Wandering along the canals and over the bridges surrounded by historic buildings is a very unique experience itself. There are museums packed with treasures, extraordinary art culture, energetic music scene, beautiful sights, not to mention its lovely people. And it's not only the Amsterdam we’re excited about, but you also must see the beautiful and historic villages surrounding of us such as Edam, Volendam, Marken, Monnickendam, Broek in Waterland, Zaandam only to name a few. We hope our guests will fall in love with The Netherlands through their travelling in the country, in the same way as happened to us. We’re committed to providing authentic and peaceful "feels like home" -experience for our guests and we’re happy to share our knowledge and give recommendation for all the best places to visit.

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